We utilise our experience with the required fire strategy, acoustic performance and building regulations, which allows us to offer very accurate target costs. We continually monitor our live cost database to ensure our cost plans are accurate and our ability to manage the design of the fabric and the structure to ensure budget and the end product is not compromised.

4 key stages:

1 – Torsion Group’s skilled team produce a design gap and cost plan – 2 weeks

2 – Torsion Group and the Client work as a team to agree the target cost plan – 1 week

3 – Torsion Group work with the Client and Consultant team to validate the cost plan and generate an agreed set of Employers Requirements and Contractors Proposal – 8 Weeks

4 – Deliver the scheme on time, safely and for the budget (this affords 2 weeks mobilisation for site set up)

We carry out the above method for a number of developers who want cost certainty early and also value our skill in delivering best value by managing the design to a budget.