We do this by;

1. Creating a ‘safety first culture’: educating our site team and sub contractors on expectations and importance of their actions.

2. Project focus and breakdown: ensure risks are avoided through design first and management of activities second.

Business Level – Create the culture and expectations

Site Management – Each Site has a detailed delivery plan

Supply chain – Ensure they are competent at the task they carry out

Operatives – Ensure they are competent and qualified

Method Statement – Detailed plan of how the activity is to be carried out safely and equipment to be worn / used

Briefing – Ensure the operative understands how and why the works are to be carried out

Check – Zero Tolerance to non conformance of safe planned works

3. Closely monitoring performance: keeping up to date with the latest policies and pursuing continuous improvement.

Health and Safety ultimately relies on the competence and willingness of individuals carrying out the works. This, coupled with the vigilance of our management teams ensures safe practice and is evident in our excellent Health & Safety record.